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what to do if you and your guy is heating up at a party? and you cant resist it?

is it okay to just leave so you could do it it some other place?

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    Go into a private room...or your car, make sure you don't leave a mess, its disrespectfull. And if its a bed, take the sheets off when your done and throw em in a corner.

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  • This is what you call a quckie. Do it on the spot while it's hot.

    Have fun and be daring. Come back to the party and everyone will be wondering what you're so happy about. Tell them it's the music.

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    Leave - find a room or a hotel room and let it out. You can come back to the party later or just stay with him.

    If your host is a close friend - tell him/her to lend you a room if he can spare it.Otherwise just get out and apologise to your host later.

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    Nothing wrong with that ... Happens at every party all round the world...

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    Wait until later. Build suspense.

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    i would not suggest taking a room..better look for a bed at the closest quarters..nothing wrong about's just like getting thirsty...drink water ....dont think postponing will do any good

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    why not...get it while its going hot. You can always go back to the party. Come up w/an excuse and say you'll be right back.

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    Heating up?

    oh ya really?

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    :eaver and find a place where you both be wild and loud sex sjould be enjoyed to the fullest and is even better if you are married.

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