why must we blow the candle during birthday?

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    Actually, you don't have to blow them or even put them on a cake or even have a cake. It's just traditional.

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    Tradition of Putting Candles on Birthday Cake

    Tradition of placing candles on Birthday cake is attributed to early Greeks, who used place lit candles on cakes to make them glow like the moon. Greeks used to take the cake to the temple of Artemis-the Goddess of Moon. Some scholars say that candles were placed on the cake because people believe that the smoke of the candle carried their wishes and prayers to Gods who lived in the skies. Others believe that the custom originated in Germany where people used to place a large candle in the centre of the cake to symbolize ‘the light of life’.

    In present times too, people place candles on Birthday cakes and a silent wish is made before blowing out the candle. It is believed that blowing out all candles in one breath means the wish will come true and the person with enjoy good luck in the coming year. Some also smear out the name of the person before slicing of the cake to bring good luck.

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    Why can we've candles on birthday truffles? Candles on birthday truffles were round for some significant time. Birthday celebrations were initially no longer celebrations in any respect, in accordance to some; instead, human beings fearful that they could be attacked by technique of spirits on the anniversary of their delivery, and so clustered with kin and buddies as a fashion to maintain danger-free. This quasi-non secular ingredient to a birthday "social gathering" endured; we've birthday truffles because both the Greeks made round truffles to venerate Artemis, goddess of the moon, or because the Germans made a particular bread (that are pronounced as Geburtstagorten and may no longer) contained in the type of the toddler Jesus' swadding clothing. The candles were an extension of this; Gibbons stated in 1986 that the Greeks positioned candles on their round truffles to cause them to glow like the moon, hoping to attain Artemis' particular favour. having said that, the candles were meant to carry the birthday desires as a lot as God (or the gods), alongside with the smoke. some Germans even in the present day position a large candle contained in the centre of a birthday cake to symbolise the "mild of lifestyles" (from Corwin, 1986). including a number of candles that correspond with years is a quite glaring extension of the final candles-on-truffles idea, once you're into it besides. Blowing them out is, i believe, merely carried out because it truly is thrilling to blow out candles, now that the non secular ingredient has diminished away rather. as well, in case you do not blow them out then you actually can't inflict on human beings those trick candles that relight, that may be the finished of a venerable birthday traditio

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    birthday tradiltion

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