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Is there anything...?

...that would cause you to change religions? Is there anything so profound that it would cause you to question your faith and/or leave your faith system? What are some of the potential causes that would make you question your own foundations?


Follow up: I'm Catholic and yes, I struggle with a few things...

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    Nope. Done my homework. I'm 100% convinced.

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    All religions have flaws. To be religious is to repeat yourself. So however comfortable you feel with the culture of a certain religion is what will make the decision for you in the end. Religions are to remind you of God, mostly for those who are forgetful and need to be reminded... They are man made, therefore they have flaws and we distort the information more as the years go by. That's how sects are created ie. Roman Catholics/Christians, Sunni/Shia, Hindu/Buddhist...

    God just wants the best of you... The ones with a conscience, the best intentions and right actions. That's all any of God's great Sons and Prophets ever tried to teach us. Read the books for yourself with a completely clear conscience and you will see the truth for yourself... Now the question is: Are you willing to go that extra step for God and your brother?

    Source(s): Myself inspired by the Most High!
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    No. My father was Catholic, (not practicing--going to church), & my mum--well--she'd studied world religions extensively & bought into this or that when it was acceptable to her. It took me awhile to be where I am, much introspection, observations, truth of myself, & it's far too sound to EVER be shaken.

    EDIT: By the way, Agnosticisim is NOT a style of religion by any stretch of the imagination. Agnostics believe that nothing can be known about the existence of god or anything except material things.

  • You could decide to change to the religion of Agnosticism( this is a style of religion). Most of us in America were raised in a Christian/Jewish home or value system that set our societies ways. You could come to the conclusion that these and others don't add up to your own internal guidance. With this, one could go to a more secular view or how one should practice ones faith.

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    There are plenty of things that make us question our faith in religion, every other day. Our faith in religion, is not to be confused with our faith in the one God.

    People change their churches and even their religions, but

    for the most part, their faith in God is not shaken.

    It is their faith in man, that is usually in question.

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    A lot of people who loose someone they love, turn their backs on their faith. They blame God. I hope I never have to be tested, but, I can't think of anything that would cause me to loose my faith........ Death is part of life & I don't believe that God plays any roll in the causes.

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    GOD himself would have to come down from Heaven and speak to me face to face. And tell me that I'm in the wrong faith.

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    Nothing is more profound then the existence of God.

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    Sure. Any proof at all would make me rethink this atheism thing I've got going. So far - it's looking good.

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    If Jesus came and stood in front of me and told me that the bible was true, then I might believe it.

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