What is it called when you kill for your God?

What's the word for someone who killed people for their God?

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    1 decade ago
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    I call it stupidity.

  • Thomas
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    1 decade ago

    A murderer.

    Most religions teach "Thou shalt not Kill !"

    But so many religions have had religious wars in the name of their religion, or in the name of their god.

    A special note should be taken that,

    "There has never been a war in the name of Buddhism."

    Buddhism teaches the peaceful principle of

    "No Harm."

    The reason many religions have had wars in the name of their religions or in the name of their god, is that the god-concept is fear-based.

    And fear always tries to control another, and if it can not control another, anger, rage, hatred and eventually murder takes place.

    The god-concept is totally fear-based and not based on intellectual fact, but on mere blind


    And if anyone reading this is experiencing anger, from hearing the truth, it would be most beneficial for you to read and practice the principles in the book, "Working with Anger"

    By: Thubten Chodron. It gives wholesome alternatives to anger, and effectively explains (without condemning another) how to live in total victory without the mental factor of anger controlling you.

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    Its called martyrdom

    Anatta: So what do you call the fighting in Sri Lanka between the tigers and the Buddists? Is a war over power, Buddists hands are not as clean as everyone thinks.

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    To kill is to Kill, no matter what the reason or motivation behind it.

    So I shall call a Killing a killing and nuthing else.

    the terms like crusade/kurbani/bali(hinduism) are all masks to hide behind and escape from teh grossest thing that is killing another lifeform.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It's called a sin, one of the ten (10)

    commandments is " Thou Shalt not kill "

    Source(s): rebo tc
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    My God never teach me to kill, so I cannot help you.

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    IDIOT. god will punish you in hell. you are created in this world as a entertainment for this god. we are like movies for this god. He gave you all the bad things that you can do, just to do it, so he can punish you at the end, to satisfy his upnormal sadism.

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    An insanity plea.

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