what are the main differences between "thermo nuclear" and "hydrogen bomb"??

there is fusion reaction in both cases but i want to clear my concept about the fusion ,the joining up of two nuclei,

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    A thermo nuclear bomb equals a hydrogen bomb.

    If there would be more kind of atom nuclei that can fuse (maybe helium) then a hydrogen bomb would be an example of a thermo nuclear bomb.


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    Fission happens in all nuclear reactions. In the case of a hydrogen bomb, the energy used to overcome the electromagnetic repulsion force between nuclei is overcome by a primary nuclear fission reaction, the energy of which is funneled to the task of joining atoms, which releases more energy.

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    I would suggest wiki for this


    But it seems that Hydrogen bomb were so called because they mostly used a heavy element of hydrogen which caused fusion (then 2 atoms join to become one) to create there powerfull force.

    While thermo nuclears ones are ones based around uranium or plutonium and work on a fussion process spliting the atom in question to creater there powerfull force

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    its just a diff. in wording.

    a thermo nuclear bomb refers to the fusion that occurs b/c of tremendous heat. a hydrogen bomb refrs specifically to hydrogen for the fusion. it is the only type of thermo nuke nowadays, though theoretically helium could b used.

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    There is no difference. The terms are interchangeable. Usually thermonuclear is used in the scientific community when talking about fusion reactons.

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    Bombs of heavier elements like Urianum are fission bombs - to correct a previous entry.

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