feul consumption of an aircraft is said in terms of lts/hour or miles/litr.?

wht is the normal consumption of fuel of an air craft?

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    For Boeing 747-400, the maximum fuel capacity (with optional tail fuel) is 216,840 litres. Other data are as follows:

    Boeing 747-400 Boeing 747-300 Boeing 747-200

    Takeoff weight 395,000 kg 378,000 kg 352,000 kg

    Range 12,200 km 10,500 km 9,500 km

    Seats 421, 400 , 387

    At cruising altitude, each engine consumes about 3000 litres of fuel per hour, and in return it produces 6 tons of thrust at airspeed of 900 kilometres per hour. Force times speed equals power; in metric units we are talking about 60,000 newtons times 250 metres per second, or 15 megawatts (20,000 horsepower). The fuel consumption then computes at 0.15 litres per horsepower per hour. Your car, which needs about 20 horsepower at a speed of 100 kilometres per hour and uses about 7 litres of fuel per hour at that speed, consumes about 0.3 litres per horsepower per hour.

    Source(s): singapore science centre online
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    Fuel consumption is monitored in lbs/hour (liters/hour) on the fuel flow indicator. Along with this indication is the fuel quantity indication and totalizer (an indicator that adds the tank quantities for you). Normal consumption would be dictated by engine size and aircraft use. Fuel flow indication is not only used for fuel management in flight. It is great for spotting a hot start.

    Source(s): I am an aircraft inspector.
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    Depends on model of aircraft. A U.S. Spec 1989 Cessna 172 for example burns around 8 gallons per hour with 40 gallons of usable fuel, that means that you will be able to fly for about 4 hours on that. If you want to go to answer your question the answer is LTS per Hour

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    Fuel consumption varies greatly by aircraft type, weight of the passengers and cargo, altititude and temperature. Here is a link to many private jets which shows their average fuel burn per hour: http://www.jets.com/private_jets.aspx

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    Depends upon the aircraft. 6 gal per hour in a C-150. Several thousand pounds per hour in a big airliner.

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    fuel consumption is given in SFC (litres/(hp*hours)) for piston engines and TSFC(litres/(newton*hours)) for jet engines.

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    ......... FUEL consumption is per hour ............. airbus 320 ...... any where in between ........... 1050 kg to 1500 kgs per engine .... in cruise ........ depends on the flight level, weight and the deviation from ISA temp at that level .......

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    goes by pounds in the big ones

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