Whats the name of this song????

thats what you need me to do...now baby its your move..believe enough and i need you i know you...


i think its country

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    1 decade ago
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    Emerson Drive - "Fall Into Me"

    Right here waiting, staying strong

    Come and fall into me

    You say you've turned it off

    Hid your heart upon a shelf

    Scared of what it might cost

    To take it down for someone else

    'Cause loving him you lost

    Too much of yourself

    Baby can't you see, that he's not me



    I need you to know you can fall into me

    That my arms are wide open and will always be

    Right here waiting, Staying strong

    Come and fall into me

    I'll follow any road

    Anywhere to get to you

    I'll open up my soul

    If that's what you need me to do

    But now baby its your move

    All you've got to do

    Is believe in love, just believe in us


    (Repeat chorus)

    Just believe in love, just believe in us


    (Repeat chorus)

    Come and fall into me

    Baby fall into me

  • 4 years ago

    Amber- Stick To Your Guns Erida- Stick To Your Guns (She's the Goddess Of Hate, so I feel it counts) To Izzy And The Boys- The Last Starfighter Logan Circle: A New Hope You're Not Salinger, Get Over It- The Wonder Years Solo & Chewy: Holdin' It Down- The Wonder Years Jesus Of Suburbia- Green Day Mike Kennedy Is A Bad Friend- The Wonder Years Gaia Bleeds- Set Your Goals (Earth Goddess) Polly- Nirvana Franco Un-American- NOFX (Like James Franco lol) Buzz Aldrin: The Poster Boy For Second Place- The Wonder Years Washington Square Park- The Wonder Years Andria- La Dispute New Years With Carl Weathers- The Wonder Years Ramirez- The Acacia Strain See God- Trapped Under Ice Raphael- Set Your Goals My Life As Rob Gordon- The Wonder Years Hey There Delilah- Plain White T's

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