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I have two questions from you guys!

I'm 24 and my Boss is a 38 year old single guy(a Doctor). I have feelings for him and I think he likes me cause he mentioned few things indirectly. I know he's looking for someone right now. We went to a party that had only 3 doctors and two of them are married; this guy is the only single one. He told me right away that I better find a doctor at this my first question is: What is the meaning behind this question?

The second thing is I want to go this his office and talk to him about my feelings (just honest & straight forward without asking him out), only to let him know that I'm interested as well. So, what's the best way of doing it. "The mature & confident way"

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    1 decade ago
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    Sorry to say, the only mature way is to tell him. He is obviously interested in you. He 'knew' there were no single doctors at the party (doctors know these things cos their egos are as big as their stethoscopes). Believe me, I used to work with a doc too.

    Perhaps you could write up a fake patient file with no name.

    Presenting reason: Uncontrollable falling for doctors.

    Symptoms: aching heart, incessant panting, neck pain from excessive hair flicking.

    Treatment: You!

    He'll ask who is this person? You know what to say.


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    1 decade ago

    sounds like the "find a doctor comment" was a flirtation. Did he treat you respectably at the party, and talk to you about anything besides small talk or work stuff?

    Your plan to talk to him makes some sense, but it could put him in a bit of an awkward position. A boss normally isn't supposed to date someone who works for him. If he likes you a lot, then you might have to quit. If he doesn't, then he'll have to have a serious talk with you after he consults his lawyer.

    Maybe you should "feel it out" a bit longer before your chat with him, let him make at least one more move.

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    I have a question for you - do you like your job?

    Would you be unhappy to create a situation where your job became uncomfortable?

    It's not unusual to develop feelings for someone you work with, and acting on it can open the door to a world of problems. And if something goes bad, who will lose thier job? It won't be him. Or if you get together and it doesn't work out, how will it feel to continue to work with him? To see him pursue someone else?

    Obviously, he's flirting with you. Ask yourself, how many young women have been in your shoes with this man? What happened to them?

    Sorry to rain on everything, I've just known so many women who've gotten involved with thier bosses and it has ended badly.

    I hope this isn't the case for you, but if you do this thing go in with your eyes wide open to the problems it could cause.

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    To answer your first question he could have been drinking and joking around he may not have meant anything by it. To answer your second questions I think it would be a very bad idea to go to him like that. That's your boss and if by chance you miss read some thing it could make your work environment uncomfortable. If he is truly interested he will come to you.

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