How and what should I do/say to get my point across with this guy?

People always say, follow your guts. I was told that women have this six sense or instinct thing, is that true? Should I follow that? To be honest, when I first met this guy that I am dating, I had this really weird and uncomfortable feeling. Maybe I had thought soo much of him before I met him, and when we meet, it was just very different then what I had imagined. Am I too quick to judge? Now that we've been dating for awhile, I think it's serious, yet, I am not happy. I always feel "worried" and insecured. I've tried to tell him that but he didn't get it or he just does not want to do anything about it. What should I do? Is this guy an asshole who just want sex or is he serious? How do I know?

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    You never do say why you are worried & insecure, but I would have to say that there is a reason you are having these feelings. If you are NOT happy, walk away....

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