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Should we create disposable caskets to compensate for the resource allocation of 6 billion people buried?

Will this be a problem? running out of the resources and places to bury people? I am having an argument with a group of friends and I feel that there are 100 other issues concerning the worlds resources that we should worry about over this. Just curious what other people think.

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    1) You don't need to bury all 6 billion of them at once.

    2) As far as resources, yep and it is a common practice. That is why most coffins are made of WOOD. It decomposes in the soil and the associate resources are return to the over all general carbon cycle.

    3) As far as places, the earth is a big place (even with 6 billion people). This is only an issue near urban centers. Typically this is dealt with either cremation of the dead (as in India and China) or by stacking coffin in the same grave (fairly common in the NE US).

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    They are doing in some places like in Sudia Arabia. One grave is used several times for several people!

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    Let the families of the dead make those decisions. What you all want for them may be irrelevant depending on the family, their religions, local customs/culture, etc.

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