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Feline leukemia?

Is it spreadable to Gueanie pigs? dogs?

I am really worried about it, I have a cat with it, two gueanie pigs and my brother brings his dog over occasionally.


I know why it is called what it is called, I am just concerned becuase of their health, they are getting skinny and not eating, I wanted to be sure, plz, this is a serious question. :(

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    Feline leukemia virus is transmitted by contact with bodily fluids from one cat to another. The virus does not live more than a few seconds in the environment, so it is generally considered to be safe to keep a cat with feline leukemia if it can be kept physically separated from other cats in the household. In addition, feline leukemia virus is most easily transmitted from an infected cat to a kitten and natural immunity to the virus appears to be pretty strong in adult cats. Since you have an inside/outside cat I

    am presuming that the other cats are also vaccinated against this disease, making it less likely that they would be infected as well. With all of these things going for your downstairs cats I really think it is probably safe to keep Charlie upstairs and separate from them without worrying too much about the other cats contracting feline leukemia virus.

    It is a good idea to retest, after at least a three to six week interval, whenever a cat tests positive for feline leukemia virus. Many cats can either free themselves of the virus or suppress it sufficiently that they do not pose a threat to other cats. In either case, the test should be negative on the second test. If the cat continues to test positive on two tests this far apart if may be a good idea to test using another testing method or to assume that the cat is infected and capable of transmitting the virus, in which case it should be kept separate from other cats.

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    Feline leukemia is transmitted only from cats to cats. My vet told me that not all cats who have FLe are carriers, but unfortunately there currently is no test for this to determine whether a cat with FLe is, or is not, a carrier.

    I hope you keep your cat indoors for its safety and a long/er, healthy/ier life. Best wishes.

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    Hi there...I'm sorry to hear your kity has FeLV. Please rest assured that feline leukemia is not transmissible to any other animals or humans. It is species-specific meaning only other cats can contract this disease from an infected/sick cat.

    It's most likely your other pets are feeling your anxieties and responding to your emotions. Animals are very sensitive to us when we our moods vary. Be strong for your kitty, because se/she relies on you to be comforted and can sense your sadness.

    More on Feline Leukemia: http://www.felineleukemia.org/

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    Feline Leukemia can only be transmitted to other cats.

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    Well they call it FELINE leukemia for a reason....not Guniea Pig-Dog-Feline Leukemia.


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