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I need HELP!!! finding this Christmas movie that came out in the mid 90's.?

When I bought this movie it was on VHS. It was a cute cartoon Christmas 5 in 1 movie. There were no celebrities. I don't think it's a classic. One story is in black and white. The next is about a baby grizzly bear who sings, "I don't have to worry I dont have to care, My coat is very furry, I'm a grizzly grizzly bear." There is one about Rudolph. And one about these cute Mickey Mouse look alike characters who go to the moon and find that its made of candy, they start eating the candy 'till they get belly aches. The movie is soo cute. Does anybody know what I'm talking about and where I can find it????

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    Well, as a self admitted you tube addict I came across a cartoon that I used to watch as a child. My parents were always about making sure we weren't exposed to the evils of some of the nasty cartoons that were on tv. So the 1934 cartoons were what my sister and I got to watch. I came across Jack Frost, Mother Hubbard, and all those wonderful old cartoons. Anyone else remember the song " I don't have to worry, I don't have to care, My coat is very furry I'm a grizzly grizzly bear"? I know Virtine does. It was awesome though. I absolutely LOVE youtube! It's the best.

    I pulled this from a search. Go to YOUTUBE and search for any of these names: Jack Frost, Grizzly Grizzly bear, etc.

    Good luck!

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    I own it, but not giving it up. I bought it many years ago.. Just keep searching at Thrift stores

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    I had that, lost it and never found it again since. If you find it let us know.

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