Problems with a 1998 Chrysler T&C LXI?

I bought this van from my mom who had no problems with it. 2 weeks after it became ours, the display panel went out (the speedometer, tachometer, gas, engine temp gages all read zero). Still ran, just didn't know anything.

In June of this year, when you would start it, the engine would start, but killed right away. It would do this a few times and then you would get nothing. Eventually (usually 2-8 hours) it will start and keep running. This is a random deal, not nearly a daily occurance, but happens often enough to be considered undependable. The mechanic is not sure what is wrong with it.


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    Check it out at a dealership. If there is no power loss and it turns over OK it must mean you have a good connection at the battery. If any problem there, clean and tighten battery terminals. Also, make sure the oil and filter are changed at least every 5000 miles. If no oil pressure is detected, that could cause it to cut off when starting.

    Make sure you are using good regular gas with cleaners included in the gas. Many dealerships include a fuel system cleaner at some mileage level. The regular use of good regular gas that includes cleaners is the best choice tho. ~

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    it rather is often presented about by skill of multiple different circumstances, yet I consistently initiate with the basics. even even with the truth that your radio may artwork and lights furniture may artwork, there's a difficulty that is causing a severe resistance on your beginning circuit. many times, it rather is by skill of the interior surfaces of your battery cable terminals being corroded and not in any respect permitting sufficient cutting-edge to bypass to commence your motorcar. It demands very plenty more beneficial cutting-edge to commence your engine than it does to potential your radio and lights furniture. get rid of and sparkling your battery cable terminals interior and out. Use a battery brush accessible at any motorcar parts keep for some funds. ascertain that each and everyone connect elements on the battery are sparkling and gentle, reattach the battery cables on your battery then tighten them down till eventually they're able to't be moved by skill of hand. Please observe that at the same time as cleansing battery terminals with baking soda and water is rather functional , it received't get rid of the corrosion that has presented about a dielectric action photo to style on your terminals or battery posts. This dielectric coating is taken into consideration as a depressing deposit on the affected surfaces. subsequently making use of a battery brush, and brushing till eventually all surfaces are bright is a lot more beneficial in reaching the perfect conductivity. Doing this can many times freshen up a huge percentage of your potential complications. Get a sparkling set of tires put in and balanced. New tires and stability may favor to end the shimmy difficulty. Have your the front end aligned, this can get rid of the uneven placed on on your the front tires. Doing the above will freshen up lots of the topic concerns you've pronounced yet i'm uncertain what to imagine of with reference to the "white smoke springing up from the passenger area". That sounds more beneficial like a belt difficulty than some thing. perfect of astounding fortune.

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    Sounds like your computer is going out.

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    The problem with your van is that it is a DODGE!!!

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    you should tell your mom and ask for your money back

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