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faint line on test....Blood Test???

I took a pregnancy test this morning and there was a faint line next to the darker one...Im guessing its a positive..Im a week in a half late form my period..i've been having unprotected sex with my hubby and we are also trying to have a baby..does anyone know were i can get a blood test that is not so expensive so i can confirm if its a positive or negative???

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    More than likely you are pregnant.

    There are women clinics that do tests for free. Do you have insurance? Go to your doctor. Call clinics in your area and ask around, just open the phone book and start dialing.

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    The instructions for the tests say that even if the second line is faint that its a positive. You best bet would be to make a DR's appointment to go in and confirm the pregnancy

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    I wouldnt worry about a blood test. Your home pregnancy test can give false negatives but not false positives. You are pregnant. Just not very far along and thats why the second line was very faint. Very good luck hun!

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    There are pregnancy crisis centers and planned parenthood that do it for free. Also the cheap tests at the store are just as effective as the expensive ones.

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    A health Dept. will do free pregnancy tests, I would call and make sure about a blood test or not yhough. Best of luck to you!!!

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    Contact your local health dept or planned parenthood, they will usually give you a test at a reduced rate. Good luck, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

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    my hpt test were the same way one line was dark and one was very very light and now in 34 weeks pregnant so i would say that you are pregnant good luck

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    You're pregnant! A line is a line!!!

    Use a digital. It will tell you "pregnant" or "not pregnant". It was what sealed the deal for me.

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    go to planned parenthood, you're pregnant. Congratulations!

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