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AppleOne Computer/Typing Test?

Has anyone taken it? I can't really type so I wanted to know exactly how the test is administered.

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    i've taken the exams. the first is copying a document and it counts the misspellings you made and the punctuation errors as well. the second part is the number sets where you use the 10-key (numberpad) to enter the set of numbers and this counts how many numbers you mistyped. they will tell you how long the exam is timed for.

    my typing speed was about 44 wpm adjusted and i never learned how to type without looking at the keyboard but i've gotten so used to it that i know where just about every letter is. as for the number set, i aced that because its only 10-keys so i can do it without looking.

    good luck! :-)

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    Apple One Typing Test

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    The whole POINT is that you are learning to touch-type, which means your attention is on the sheet of paper you are reading, and the screen your words are appearing on! Don't try to divide your attention down onto the keys, you just need enough practice to get up a decent speed - it's one of those things which doesn't seem to work if you push it, so you need to get a little Yoda in your attitude. Try not, just do - there is no try! I learnt to touch-type on old manual typewriters years ago, which have no 'delete' key. I hit 35 words per minute with no errors for my first exam, and I've also been trained to use the Right-Hand Number pad, and the Reverse-Right Hand Number pad, and have worked as a VDU operator, as it used to be called years back, chugging through mountains of paper on a daily basis, inputting it to computers when companies were moving from paper to computers. Keep the error-rate low, and speed will come. I can hit over sixty words per minute with ease now, arthritis permitting.

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    I have taken it before. It is actually pretty easy if you can type though. Depending on what field you are interested in. They have you copy a page from a piece of a paper, and the computer lets them know if it was correct or not. Just simple numbers and puncuation. The only thing you have to worry about it excel. It's pretty hard if you haven't used it in a while.

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    I'd learn how to type. Most office jobs require an adequate typing speed (no less than 40 i'd say..possibly more).

    It is administed by you typing a paragraph and it let's you know how fast you type and how many errors you made.

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