a week late and negative pregnancy test..... is it possible that I could I STILL be pregnant?

I have been trying to conceive for months now. I am 34 years old and my periods have been pretty regular for YEARS. However, for the last several months I have gone from a 28 cycle to a 30-32 day cycle.

Me and my husband have been trying to have a baby for several months now and I JUST KNEW we had done it THIS TIME!

Well, I am now about 7 days late and took a pregnancy test and it came back a great big "NOT PREGNANT" result. :(

For the past week, I have been feeling very tired and a tad bit queazy after I eat. My breast are a tad bit sore and I have some MILD cramping from time to time as if I am fixing to start my period.

Is it possible that I tested too early and I could STILL be pregnant even though the test says I am not?

Anyone had any experiences that ended up being pregnant after being a week late that tested negative?

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    Yes, you could be pregnant. Women build up the pregnancy hormone at different levels, so it is possible that you just don't have enough of the hormone to make the test positive. I think I went through at least 10 tests with my first baby. My second one was positive before I was even late. Take care of yourself, take it easy, just in case you are pregnant and take a test in the morning. Make sure your urine is really concentrated in order to get as much hormone as possible onto the test. Pee into a cup and if it is really dark yellow then do a test with it, but if it is light or clear, then wait until the next morning. Good luck!

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    Yes, it is still possible. Take another test, and/or consult your Doctor. Some of these OTC tests are not totally accurate. Only other thing could be a delayed period. Best to consult the Doctor and/or Ob-Gyn.

    Source(s): Wife has had simular problem. Turned out negative after checking with Doctor.
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    I was such as you. I used to be one million week past due and made a scan utilizing testpack, and it used to be terrible. I suppose like common, no morning unwell, no useless, not anything's modified to my frame. But my breast felt harm whilst touched and that i obtained stomachace, just like the signal whilst my periodic start. But, a pal instructed me to check out one other luxurious testpack on the very morning (round five.00 AM), earlier than you consume or drink s'factor. I confirmed, and it's optimistic. And i went to health practitioner, and it used to be actual, i used to be pregnant. Starting on that day, I on no account labored too rough, attempt to exhale my brain, etc. And now my little one has already born, and he or she is nine mths.

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    Although U have a higher chance of a false - than a false + I would wait a week & do another.

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