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Who's more bitter: Sox fans or Cubs fans?

Go Sox!

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    If the question was asked before the 2005 World Series I would say the Sox fans were more bitter. This is because that while the Sox put a better product on the field and had better results all the city talked about is the Cubs young stud arms (I see that worked out well) the beautiful park (if you have ever been there you know what an overstatement that is) and the fact that they sell out. The story I remember is 1 day after Mark Buehrle pitched a 1 hitter the back page of the Chicago Tribune had a 3 page article about Mark Prior and how he feels that he will be healthy this year. So the media coverage on the north side ball club is the factor as to why Sox fans were more bitter.

    But now us Sox fans just laugh since we have a ring in our lifetime (sorry to anybody that is over 88 years old) and Cub fan are now the more bitter group. Also watching their 2 most hated rivals (Sox and Cards) win the last 2 world series does not help.

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    Sox fans are the most bitter fans in the MLB. Cubs fans are just happy to see baseball in their stadium. They just want to play the sport, for the fun of it, and they are always loyal to their players. Sox fans care only about competition with their rivals the White Sox, and they are always bragging about having a WAY better record than the Cubs every year.

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    I'd say it all depends on your perspective. In my opinion, the desire to win a Championship should be all that matters, so it would have to be Cubs fans. As a Sox fan, if you tune out all of the talk about who's Chicago's team, which franchise has a bigger following, which franchise earns more cash, etc.; and focus on winning, you'd have zero reason to be bitter. However, I understand that there are Sox fans that mix it up with Cub fans and don't keep their eye on the ball, so-to-speak, when unruly Cub fans throw back those types of arguments I had cited above. Any Sox fan that feels bitterness from those sources essentially stoops down to those particular Cub fans' level and insecurity that might argue those points. I hope for your sake that you're the quiet Sox fan that doesn't feel bitterness. I can say for myself that I'm a quiet Cubs fan who can say "Congrats on your title in '05; you earned it and we Cub fans have nothing to say about it until we can win a one (or two; or more).

    ...with that, I say to you good luck, and go Cubs.

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    Red Sox fans are because the Cub fans are known as lovable losers. For Cherokeek, actually Wrigley field holds 38,902 while Fenway park only holds 33,871. King I really like your answer, but I think there's more of a rivalry between the Red Sox and the Yankees. The Red Sox do have very bitter fans.

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    Let's just say there are more bitter Cubs fans, lots of them. Yeah, we Sox fans got a trophy but before that we were resigned to following our team loss after loss. Wrigley sells out because it is smaller, it's fashionable to be seen there, and it is after all Chicago's largest beer garden. We all know the joke, "sit down Cubs fan" any time someone leaves a game in the 7th inning. I used to work down the street from Wrigley and would ask fans the score, who pitched, who got the save, and they never knew! They always left after beer sales stopped to go to a bar. Good guys wear black. Go Sox!

    p.s. I really hope all the Cubs fans who became bandwagon Sox fans because they wanted to see a winning team have found new hobbies.

    p.p.s Melissa, darlin', we're talkin' bout the Chicago White Sox not the Boston Red Sox so you just go back to doin' your nails, okay? The Cell hold 40,615.

    Source(s): I'm a Sox fan and I know the score.
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    Cubs fans for sure. The Sox at least won recently. The Cubs have been dry for a long, long time.

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    It is absolutely mutual, my pal. I have in no way talked to a organization of lovers extra sour than Cubs lovers. I realize a host of Cubs and White Sox lovers round right here. I realize one Cubs fan who says he likes the White Sox. Most of the Cubs lovers I realize hate the Sox and the Cardinals it doesn't matter what. Most of the White Sox lovers I realize say "the ones persons whine an excessive amount of" whilst the Cubs are stated. So it sort of feels just like the White Sox are protecting and the Cubs lovers are sour and whiny.

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    I could really careless about the stereotype of Cubs or Sox fans. I just want a freakin' championship!!!!!!!

    Source(s): Go Cubs!
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    I think its the White Sox Fans,they just Won the WS in 05 and there alredy hurting again.The Cub Fans are real fans they live and die with there beloved Baby Bears.

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    Sox fanssssssss

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