More women die every year in the USA from domestic violence, will the USA have a war on domestic violence ?

Or will it just go to war with other countries for the sake of $?

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    Well, not unless they have a large oil deposit under their house.

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    I work for a Domestic Violence shelter and see the victims daily. The war IS being waged. By good citizens and charities and churches and institutions such as the one I work for.

    Sadly it is a slow uphill battle since men have dominated the world for so long and the laws are twisted or can be twisted. Batters are VERY conniving and careful and most are intelligent enough to know how to play the justice system.

    Sad really, but I'LL keep fighting the good fight and so will my peers.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I believe that there is a silent war going on. Domestic violence is a threat to the American ideal of a happy home so I think the government shoves it under the kitchen table and pretends it does not exist.

    Source(s): The majority of murdered women were murdered by someone they knew.
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    You have not done your homework on domestic violence.

    The sad fact is, most women in a violent relationship tend to want to stay in said relationship for many different reasons (fear, devotion, religious beliefs dealing with divorce etc etc). This will lead either to their eventual death, or a wake up call and their departure (with help from family, friends and support groups) from the relationship.

    The better question is how do we get these battered, abused women out of the abusive relationships ASAP. There are many, many local, private and state resources dedicated to help these women. I do not know what more can be done, besides maybe early education I.E. teach women about abusive relationships in grade school on like we do with sex ed. And while we are at it, maybe educate young men on how they should treat their future spouses.

    Dunno if it would work, but worth a try if it saves a life.

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  • rocca
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    3 years ago

    proceed to augment understanding because at present no longer a surprising purchase of human beings learn about this very severe difficulty. Our feminized society has been conditioned to believe that in effortless words women will be sufferer and in effortless words adult men abused. With sufficient understanding and competition, with somewhat of success, funding and study will be distribute far more beneficial gently (instead of in effortless words concentration on lady victims) and feminism will lose administration of the kin Violence market.

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    Of course not! Bush can't make money from domestic violence.

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    No. Countries do not go to war over important things that affect real Americans.

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    1 decade ago

    i don't think there will ever be a war over domestic violence....that would be a bit strange

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    I think you've got something there.

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    I do not know. However, if she is the one who instigates the conflict, I will have no pity for her (the state has already done this).

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