Touchy question: Are there self-recommenders on Yahoo Answers, as there are on Yahoo Message Boards?

The reason I ask this is because I have noticed a certain individual always -- ALWAYS -- gets 3 thumbs ups, no matter how throwaway his or her answers are.

Not wanting to rush to judgment, I checked back through several days worth of answers, and lo and behold, this number held remarkably constant. (And consistently netted 3 pts., even for such non-answers as "Do you mean a dollar bill?" that offer no further attempt to answer the question.)

As a further test, I threw out a mild insult at this user, within one of the threads to which he was responding. Amazingly enough (not) I got 4 thumbs down.

If you knew someone was playing the point system here unfairly, would it make you angry, or would you shrug and not give it a second thought? Would yahoo answers administrators care to know this? Is it a violation of terms of use?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    obviously, there are cheaters everywhere. Including here. These are the same people that use aimbots in games and wall cheats. You dont gain anything but a higher score, but these people feel good about themselves by having a bigger score, and a bigger e-life. They are also the people on forums that post crap like postcount ++! just to have like 10000 posts even if they are worthless.

    Let them do it I say. who cares if someone wants to waste all their time here self recommending themselves. The people here that really care take pride that they know a lot of stuff and can help other people out.

  • Rose
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    4 years ago

    Not sure about that Elric although there is always a first time! I think you could be very attracted to them but not sure you could love anyone unless you met them. I met my husband on Yahoo Personals and of the 100 or so profiles I looked at I kept coming back to his although he didn't show a photo so there was some attraction there from the beginning. One meeting and we were both in love !!!!

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