Where exactly is the power steering resevoir, so I can put steering fluid in, on my 2002 chevy impala?

the manual says in the rear of the engine on passenger side, but i do not see it.

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    Power steering fluid does not need to be topped off, if it does the system has a leak that should be fixed, GM's leak all the time are bad for it. to check the power steering fluid, its below the alternator (i do believe), its a pain to check, but if you're needing to top it off take it to a shop, or oil cange place (next oil change) and get them to check it for you.

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    2002 Impala Power Steering

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    You don't see it because it is down about 6 inches deep near the back firewall. You need a flexible funnel to add fluid to it. Look in the back on the passenger side and down, you will see the cap. You have to reach in from the center of the bay, towards the passenger side, on an angle to open the cap. It's in a weird spot in my opinion, but that's where it is. How I found it was identifying every pulley until I determined which one was for the P/S and then looked behind it at different angles. I hope that helps.

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    The power steering cap is located on the left side and flush with the top of the engine(if you are standing in front looking at it) Small black cap that has a steering wheel on it. It has graduation marks on the "dip stick" telling you if you need more or not. Please remember to shut off your engine first. (no offense)

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    just follow the steering shaft to the power steering pump. Should have a twist cap on the pump for adding fluid

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