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Help!! I dyed my hair permanently black and it doesn't look good at all?

Is there any way I can lighten it up?

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    YOU CANNOT LIGHTEN DYED HAIR WITH HAIR COLOR!!! Please take the advice of a professional and DO NOT try to dye over it!!! It will not work!!! Hair dye will not remove hair dye. The only way to get it out of your hair is by stripping it or bleaching (highlighting) it (both cause a huge amount of damage). Hair dye will only lighten hair that has not been previously dyed. Example: if you had brown hair and dyed it black; in a few months you want to go blonde, so you buy some blonde hair dye; you put it on only to find that your regrowth (about an inch of un-dyed hair) is now blonde and the rest of it is still black. Eww--not a good look. Go see a professional before you go bald.

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    There's a product that is sold alongside the hair dyes that specifically lightens hairs that's dyed black but I found it didn't have a profound effect. The best thing I would recommend is going to a hairdresser where they do a strand test before dying your hair and get them to change the color. I always found that using bleaching products at home to lighten the hair damages it and you get some very interesting colors!

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    Go to a beauty supply store and ask them for a color stripper. We died my friends hair dark brown one time and rushed to the store to get some of the stripper and it came right out. It IS a little harsh on your hair so it's up to you which is more important healthy hair that looks awful on you or not as healthy hair that at least looks normal.

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    ithink that you could try dying it another color, but if you wait a while your hair will grow longer and the color will go away, but thats kinda long term. If your really in a hurry, you could try using spray hair dye to make it a different color.

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    If you did it yourself, get the # off the insert and CALL THEM. They will probably tell you to get a clarifying shampoo and baking soda, mix the two together to make a workable paste (not too dry, but as much baking soda as it can handle) and wash wash wash with it.

    The sooner the better.

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    O jeez..sorry bout that

    but i suggest you use John Freida's Color Glaze for brunnettes in the darkest shade. It'll give your hair a little brownish shine and it only costs like 10 dollars! (And it won't harm your hair at all)

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    I wouldn't try to fix it alone. It's time for some professional advice. Get yourself to the salon! Good Luck.

  • Dye it permanently lighter and don't dye anything permanently until you try it first.

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    watever u do, dont do a colour over the top by ur self, go to the hair dresser and tell them wat happened they shud be able to fix it

    but dont worry a little bit, every thing will be fine!

    good luck!

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