Whats the name of this song???

Im not sure if this is the exact words or not, but i was wonderin wut the name of this song is. "So I said why dont you and i get together" "cuz without you their never gonna let me in" "every time i try to talk to you i get tounge tied turns out everything i say to you comes out wrong it never comes out right"

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    Santana and Chad Kroeger - Why Dont You and I

    For all lyrics click the link below.

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    Why don't you and I and its not Nickleback, just the singer Chad Kroeger and Santana on guitar

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    Ok, try the following to find the lyrics you request:

    Do a Keywords Lyrics search at this web site:


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    The song you are describing is called "Why Don't You & I" by a great band called Nickelback.

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  • 1 decade ago

    why dont you and i ( i think)


    2 versions album with chad kroger, radio version not sure of singer

  • 1 decade ago

    Why dont you and I - Nickleback

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    it is "fly to the moon"

  • that's nickleback-why don't you and i

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