I want to make those glass block lights. I want to put a picture on them , what kind of paper would i use?

I want to put a picture of a football helmet on the glass block lights, but i am not sure what kind of paper can i print on , and use to put on light.....also , do the sell the white lights to put in the glass block , with white cords instead of green?



Update 2:

i want the lights to be able to shine throught the paper ... ex.. i want to print out a football helmet on the paper and then apply the paper to the glass block, and when i turn it on, the helmet will light up. cardstock wont shine through

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    The whole idea of the lighted glass block is for the illumination. You must use a paper that you can see through.Vellum paper will run through you printer to print the helmets, and allow the light to shine through the surround area.

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    You want it transparent? if so you could print on vellum papers, they have different texture and designs and just regular vellum. If you want it on a thick paper you could use cardstock paper maybe a 65lb type (thick and comes in different color, textures). You can find them at the scrapbooking aisle at walmart, joann's and michael.

    you can find white lights at home depot and walmart.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Michaels, Walmart, Home Depot.....

    Lots of places sell them.

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