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to all the native americans...?

hi, im an india kid, and all the time, i feel as if im alone when it comes to race. me and my sister are the only native americans in the whole 8th grade! heck! the only in the school=( i feel sad because i feel alone. any one else feel that way also? this is for any minority if ya wana answer it. thanks=)


i get amde fun of at school because i speak chata anungpa (choctaw) and do dances in the jingle dress part in pow wows. i feel like no one undestands. i like the song half breed by cher cuz she knew x-actly what im goin' thru.

Update 2:

people mock me at school because i talk to my grand parents in chata because they refuse to speak english, and they mock me! i feel like if i were to do that to the jewish kids and mock and pretend to speak hebrew, and i would get in trouble, but teachers and other adults see what is going on, and they dont bother with it. in face, adults at the school say that indians were savage beast, and mercyless killers. they say stop running around like a wild indian, or they will just throw in the word sqaw,and they dont think twice about it.

Update 3:

it isnt cool, i have only one friend who moved here from india, and is going thru the same thing. people make fun of her accent, because she doesnt know some words, because she mispronounces words, and they mock hindi. i speak to her in hindi, and she says she knows whats going in, and that she knows what im going thru too. i feel alone, and small.

Update 4:

thanks you guys, you are a true help, im proud of what i am, people just dont want to accept me.

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    Hi. I am like you. I am different from other people around me. I used to feel funny about it and sad sometimes, but then a wise old woman told me that I should think of myself as unique and special, like a visitor from a distant land who was both beautiful and exotic. I became very proud of my self and of my culture. Now I am very happy and I have many friends who see me as strong, independent and wise. Someday I hope to be just like that old woman, a person who can help others find themselves.

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    I can understand why you feel so alone. It is difficult to feel that you are not part of the crowd. What would be nice for you is to get in touch with other Native Americans and get in touch with some of the beautiful traditions and awesome culture that is associated with anything native. Your history is rich and empowering. If this country had not been taken over by europeans it would be your history and stories that were taught in school. I recently was priveledged to view a Pow-Wow and this was probably one of the most impressive events I have ever had the honour of viewing. Try and discover more about your families amazing past and once you finish school you can move on to further study your history and learn why you are an incredibly special person. I hated school as well and never was part of the crowd. Once I left school I realized that what I went through there was not anything like the real world. Bless you and I hope this helped a little.

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    I am a Cree woman. I can say this proudly, and I'm proud of the full, rich life that I lead. I have respect and make my own way and decisions in this world. I'm strong and I never back down when I believe in something. I can do anything and be anything. This is me now, at the age of 32. This was not the case 20 years ago, at the age of 12. I was mocked and ashamed. When I fantasized, I would imagine myself as a white person. I let other people's low opinion of me, based only on my race, affect how I perceived myself. I felt loneliness, isolation, and hate. As I started to grow, I saw things about myself that were positive; patience, fairness, generosity, an open mind. I have always had the love of my family, and I love them back. I let go of my hate and never paid any more attention to people who lived to hate. I started to understand my culture, and to embrace and preserve it. You are lucky to have one friend and a loving family. Be strong and true to yourself, take care of your body. Junior and High school won't last forever, and then you can go where the wind and your heart will take you. I am a sister to you and know that there are many people who care. You can do anything and be anything.

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    I've been singled out too. My family and I moved from a big city to a small redneck town populated mostly by polish, german and irish. I'm Greek, and because I am darker, I got picked on a lot. I'm 24 now, and I love the fact that I don't look as washed out and boring as everybody else from around here.

    btw, some of the guys who used to pick on me about my heritage have asked me out a few times recently lmao.

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    I'm Indian (as in from the country India) race shouldn't be the determination factor of feeling lonely. Try making friends with people of every race, find joy in being a native American, and find joy in knowing America is so full of so many different races, and that you have the chance to learn from these people of different races. Find joy in knowing that you have a chance to be part of a unique culture, and you have the opportunity to learn about other cultures. Also, find joy in being who you are and that you have the ability to meet and make friends with so many different people.

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    Why do you single yourself out? Be proud of who you are and proud of your heritage, but don't let it prevent you from being accepted. Become part of the community at school and join in with activities. Do not dwell on your differences or try to point out that you are native american. Just be another kid like anyone else. I suspect people will treat you as an equal and want to be friends if you would let them.

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    Thats the best part about you! You're not like anyone else! I'm mostly black but i have native american in me too, and be proud of who you are!

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    be proud that you are a native american. I am of the Blackfoot tribe and i am very proud.

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