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how should i go about this..answers PLEEEEEASE?! love issues.?

lets see okay boyfriend dumped me..we were apart for a week..then he decided he REALLY thought we should get back together and that he made a huge mistake in dumping me...but now, since he hurt me so bad before, im soo afraid of getting my heart broken yet trying to proceed with caution but i mean i wish i could get over my fear of him doing it again but at the same time, i feel like its inevitable cause teenage love and all. does anyone know how i should go about these beggining stages of my"re-relationship". oh yeah, also, our relationship before we broke up went on for 3 months. thanks so much.

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    teen love is so hard because you feel everything so intensly. I remember my first teen love and how intense and painful it was when we split. I would find out why he is being so undecisive about you. If there is a serious issue that bothers him about your relationship maybe the two of you can work on it. It is something silly like he just does not know if he really likes you like that then he needs to go. Find out why before you make any decisions on how to go about this. Also if it is because you are not willing to do something with him intimently he also needs to go because his mind is focused more on sex then being in a long time relationship with someone that could truly love him. Don't let any guy push you into anything before you are truly ready.

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    If you feel like you want to give him another chance and take a risk at getting hurt again go for it. Lifes all about taking risks. Why did he dump you in the first place? Was it for something that you did, or was he just being an azz? It's really all on you. You are still young and if your heart is telling you to leave him alone then do it.

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    No way! you want to diminish back out of this and stay faraway from a married guy! i'm no longer going to call you names and that i recognize youngsters are not in touch yet incorrect is incorrect! how are you going to assert your human beings with someone and do those type of issues with their husband? it is type of low and disgusting. don't be like that. you want to target to be an more desirable individual and sweetness why you experience like your thoughts are properly worth more beneficial than your married buddy, who you declare is your perfect buddy. it is merely incorrect and egocentric and vicious and seedy and self serving. Love isn't about that so go away a married guy by myself and discover someone who's unmarried and ideally someone who may strengthen your personality because you've some topics to artwork on. STEP faraway from the married guy. BE respectable!

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    He probably realized what a great girl you are and he couldn't find another that would take his crap.If he hurt you I would keep away from him to see if he"s sincere or not,I'm sure you've heard the saying there's a lot of fish in the sea!,don't let him hurt you again.Best of luck to you

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    Tell him you are afraid of getting your heart broken and want to be just friends!

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