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What environmental problems would occur if ice sank?

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    The reason life exists is because of the properties of water. Ice floats because it expands when it freezes, making it less dense. Because it floats, it serves to insulate the underlying water after it freezes. If ice sank, some of the worlds oceans would be frozen from the sea floor to the surface. As frozen water takes up more volume than liquid, the sea levels would rize. Ocean currents would be very different, and would affect globla cilmate. Lakes in some areas would freeze solid, killing all aquatic animals in them.

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    Well, ice floats, but if it didn't, we would be in real trouble. Instead of ice bergs breaking off from the polar caps and melting, they would sink. Temperatures below the surface of the water drop as you go down, so if the ice sank. you would have a layer of ice at the bottom of the ocean. In addition, the sinking ice would displace water and raise water levels around the world, causing vast areas of flooding.

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    Probably the water level would rise across the world and would flood most of the world.

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    Ice will not sink. It is less dense than water.

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