Do these LED lights on ebay sound like a good deal? I have a 2003 BLACK grand am GT?

"Orange , Blue, Green, White, Purple, Red, Yellow, Aqua, Pink

-18 Color Patterns including One Million Color Combinations

-5 Levels of Color Changing Speeds

-2 Distinct Flash Patterns with 5 Levels of Flash Speed

-5 Distinct Music Display Modes

-Functions: pulse, fade, strobe, zig zag, chase, stay solid

-Wide Angle Ultra Bright L.E.D. bulbs (378 individual lights)

-Tubes are waterproof

-Connects directly to 12 volt power source

-Complete Kit Includes:

-2 x 36” and 2 x 48” LED Tubes

-Central Control Processor

-Wireless Remote

-Wiring and Mounting Hardware - Including the fuse!!

-Installation instructions - INSTALL IT YOURSELF!!

-No additional purchases required! "


also, if i already have subs and other speakers in my car, will my car be able to handle all the power being used?

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    Sounds pretty awesome, i'd get myself one. LEDs take up tiny amounts of power, I wouldn't be worried about the car.

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