I've been married for 4 years & it's still a little bumpy...?

Don't get me wrong it's good, just on the romantic stuff us girls like to hold on to. I need that to stay close. Why do men stop looking at us certain ways and kissing us certain ways...it's only once every other week. Is that normal? I get so frustrated some times. Do men get tired of their women? I'm tired of doing all the work in the bedroom.

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    Talk to him and let him know this, however, if this is the way if was in the beginning, it is probably going to remain this way. Or he has gotten very comfortable with you always being the initiator in the relationship. Most men are not this lucky and are always complaining that they have to initiate the sex. Good luck and God bless****

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    I'm sorry but, did anyone ever tell you marraige was smooth and everything would be wine and roses forever? now don't get mad at me but, you see these people making testamonials to thier marraiges of 35 years that they never had a fight or argument. I say what!

    I've been married for 48 years and we have a rough road almost everyday. My wife has her own mind and I have mine. We're always disagreing on something. That's life. We love each other, that has nothing to do with it, we didn't marry to agree on everything. We married because we loved each other and would spend the rest of our lives trying to learn the others likes and dislikes, it may take that long. I hope I've helped.

    I don't know when my wife is tired and I'm not for, you know what? by the time I've figured it out, I've fallen asleep. It doesn't matter who starts it or who does all the work, as long as it gets done.

    I remember working the mill seven sixteens for four months once. I was so tired I got in bed and lay back and told the misses "Help yourself hon, wake me when your through"

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    I would talk to him, he probably doesn't realize that he's hurting you. I understand what you mean about being tired of doing all the work- a woman wants to be romanced darn it! Tell him that, and let him know that from now on, for at least a little bit, you're not initiating it anymore. Let him know what you need in the marriage. Communication is key.

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    Yes, men do sort of take us for granted after a time but that doesn`t mean they don`t love us as much, it`s just that they think they have us under their thumb. We have to remind them every once and awhile that they don`t. Try a candlelight dinner or go for a moonlight walk or maybe a moonlight swim (course skinny dipping), GOOD LUCK

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    Go to the sex toy shop and buy some things to spice it up, and something for yourself for the times he wont put out lol and tell him he better start doing his homework. Also have you let yourself go and put on a ton of weight in this time? If that is the case do yours as well, if not, be a little more sexual and spontanious with him.

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    I think boredom is boredom, but with a willing woman, sounds like you just are married to a unimaginative man,

    certainly after 4 years, 2 times a month is not normal,

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    The romantic part holds differently for different couples but in general, it does go away somewhat. It's also possible that your husband might me going through a period of low libido. Happens to most of us at one time or another.

    You might think that I'm joking but try sleeping naked. At least naked from the waist down.

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    Its like a favorite book that you love but even that gets old after a while. I know what your going through. for me and my hubby its been about 4 months. but we been married almost 18 years.

    I truely hope things improve for you.=)

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