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Someone Explain This To Me?

Pending Charges are new credit card transactions that have been authorized but have not yet been posted to your account. These transactions have been subtracted from your Available Credit but have not yet been added to your balance. Pending charges may not post to your account or may post for a different amount and therefore can not be disputed.


Can the order still be declined

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    what exactly is your question because you seem to have everything covered.

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    The money is taken away immediately, from the credit line to which you have access, because a preliminary version of the bill has arrived at the bank's computer. No one is probably at the terminal, but it's running and operational. You can dispute a transaction later, usually in a day or so, once it finalizes. Real people do this, that work in the back-office operations of the bank. Sometimes, for example, a hotel stay of two nights, paid in advance, ends up being three nights or more. The credit card companies/banks know this. The final bill (say, for a charge to Super 8 Motel) might be more than the preliminary version of it. The language you are reading in your credit card agreement is merely legalese for the bank covering their own interest in accurate transactions. I've never seen a "pending" charge stay "pending" for more than a weekend. Usually, it will stay pending for a few hours, until the start of the next business day. Once a transaction finalizes, it gets added to your balance and can be disputed for about a month time "window," or more; whatever your agreement specifies.

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    Let's say you charge $100.00 at K-Mart. The K-Mart computer scanned your card and "told" Master card that there's a $100 transaction heading their way. Therefore, they take $100 off of your available credit - but they can't actually put it on your account until they get the nightly computer file from K-Mart. You can't dispute it while it's "pending" because it doesn't really exist yet - it doesn't exist until that real transaction comes from K-Mart.

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    You got it. After the transaction has posted, you can then dispute it.

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    What is there to explain, you have it stated pretty well. It is a scam or sorts, companies don't realize how badly they mess with people when they do this. but they don't get any money from doing it.

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