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why cant i make friends ? nor even Internet friends?

i cant make friend and i usually am afraid that they may laugh at me ?!!!

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    that's it, your afraid of them laughing at you, so you hide your true personality, many people don't like that. However, right now you seem like you are being yourself and so, would you like to be my new friend?

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    I have often asked myself this same question. I haven't found all the answers, but I'll share what I have.

    1) I wasn't always the best friend to have. Sure, a friend should accept you for who you are. But friendships aren't unconditional. When you interact with people are you supportive? Do you listen. Do you help out when you can?

    2) I was often too negative. While it's ok to ask a question like this, going around all the time complaining about not having friends won't help you make or keep any. In complaining about my pain I drove away people who might have helped me with it. Focus on the positive when you can.

    3) I was wasting time with the wrong people. Time I spent with people who in the end just walked away was time wasted. If someone is regularly abusive or shows no interest in you or your life, stop wasting time in pursuing their friendship and look elsewhere.

    4) I didn't believe enough in myself. Confidence is sexy. Desperation is a major turn off. As desperate as I've been, I've still been turned off by the desperate neediness of others. It's no fun trying to convince a person to keep their chin up all the time.

    5) I wasn't able to laugh at myself. I think this may apply most to your situation. People tease. Sometimes it's because they're sadistic, but most often it's an attempt to engage you. Learn to laugh at your own foibles. Be ready to admit when you had a smart remark coming.

    These realizations have helped me some. They haven't solved all of my problems, but their are no guarantees in life.

    Good luck in your search.

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    Sug is right. Problem is your afraid of being yourself and holding the true you back. I know cuz I suffer from the same crap except I make myself be the person I really am and put myself out there. you can't worry about crap like that otherwise it will run your life and make u someone ur not and dont want to be. Who cares if anyone laughs or whatever. Regardless people are gonna laugh from time to time. F#ckem. Ignorance is something that is everywhere. Bottom line is if you let that affect the way you are than your losing a lot more than you could ever lose by bein laughed at for saying or being the person u want to be. Make yourself say the things u want and be the person u want to be otherwise lifes gonna suck a lot. Lifes too short to be worrying about crap like that. We all have one life to live, lets make the best of it before its over. Can add me as another friend in ur book as well. Take care and good luck

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    Its genuinely a MUCH more rewarding existence when you are your true self cuz only then can you truly have anything to offer any of your friends. And its totally cool if people laugh at you about silly things you may do from time to time. My friends always laugh at me and I laugh at myself, that brings a whole new sense of fun to our relationship! Really, its great!! Its a much easier, enjoyable life if you dont take everything so seriously. Good luck and who wouldnt appreciate a guy like you who really has a sense of caring like that in his heart! Come on we all do.

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    Learn to listen to people and be genuinely interested in them and they will like you.

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    I'll be your friend. I'm sure you're a nice guy :)

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