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Credit Charge?

I went and bought a cell phone through verizon and last night and I went to go look at my statement and there is just a 1.00 fee but not the amount that i bought it for what does this mean


So it means i'm going to get charged for it?? I thought it meant it was pending to make sure i had that credit there avalible i don't know see wh it just doesn't go through cause the credit car i have doesn't overdraft for anything

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    That $1 fee is just to check that the credit card is valid you will be charged the rest when they actually ship the phone to you.

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    Sometimes companies charge $1.00 to your credit card to test the credit card and make sure it works and is not declined. The full and actual charge should appear in a few days.

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    If you read the fine print, there will be lots of charges beyond the $49.95 price advertised - heck they were charging some fee to subsidize the spanish american war until quite recently.

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    It probably means that the charge for the phone hasn't hit your account yet - check back in a couple days.

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    Stareyes is right.

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