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was i wrong?

ok me and my cuzins were playin soccer wit no rules... so i was holding the ball in my hand(i was goalie) and one of my cuzins was trying to knock it out of my hand, then my 13 year old girl cousin runs around me and kicks me in the balls as hard as she can with tennis shoes on.. then i, the 17 year old, kick her in the legs, and kinda hit her in the stomach... is that bad?

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    You were right!! kicking her in the leg is nowhere near as bad as her kicking you in the balls!


  • Not really but ya. Shes 13 and your 17, so you kick her? It dosen't seem far to me but I see where your coming from. I don't think you were wrong but it is a game with no rules.

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    thats why u all can be a family members..... u do a right thing man.... at least she got something to remmind a memory with u in

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    she got what was coming good job dude.

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    i dont think so wut u did was right coz she is younger then u and she is ur cousin u should not do that tell her sorry for that.

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