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Why does unusual hair dye colourings ie red, wash out a lot quicker than any other 'normal' hair colouring?

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    Red hair dye, by it's very nature is transitory and fades drastically in a very short time. There is very little, if anything you can do to keep red dye vibrant and fade free.

    If you want red that stays vibrant and lasts the long haul, may I suggest that you look into natural, Body Art Quality henna? It is safe, conditions, strengthens and colours your hair a fade free red that can't be matched by chemical red dyes. It makes your hair stronger and very shiny after a few applications.

    I use henna for my hair and I wouldn't even consider ever using a chemical dye again. I have intensly red hair that doesn't fade or wash out. My hair is thick, strong, soft, silky and super shiny. I love, love, love henna.

    Source(s): Check out for how to, advise, mixes and everything you could ever want to know about henna. And having beautiful, red hair, naturally.
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    dying hair is a science. they have perfected some colours, like black and blonde and brown . they have figured out how to make certain colours bond well with the hair.

    Red also FADES. anything red, like couches or clothes will fade a lot, so does red hair... if you want to keep it longer there is a shampoo and conditoner called redkin that has some red dye in it so everytime you wash it it will boost your colour a little to help preventing it from fading.

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    Red color molecules are a different size than those of brown and blond color. The don't adhear to hair the same way. When you color red, you need to protect it with "colored hair" shampoo. Some really great ones are the Red lines from John Frieda and Pantene Pro-V.

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