Whats the best way to ship alcohol in our mail delivery system undetected?

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    1 decade ago
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    Use UPS or Fed Ex instead. The penalties can be severe for using the US mail illegally. Just use UPS and skip the risk.

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    Well, It depends on who You are shipping it to. When I was in the military and living in a tent somewhere, I had friends send brown liquor in a listerine bottle and clear liquor in a Scope Clear bottle. Booze was forbidden as you probably know.

    But if you are sending it illegally through the mail to someone who can drink it legally on the other side, try the following:

    If you are trying to send a bottle of wine to someone you can to wrap it well in bubble wrap and newspaper or something that will muffle the sloshing sound and write that you are sending a vase. I have actually done that several times. So long as your box is not opened or the bottle doesn't break, you are okay. Of course there is that little thing about lying...

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    first wrap bottle in layers of tin foil at least 8 layers suspend this in coffee grounds so none of the bottle is touching the sides of the box seal box a bigger box line inside of box 8 layers of tin foil cover entire box suspend first box in a mixture of orange drink powder and coffee grounds third box suspend box 2 in saw dust and seal will go anywhere in the world trouble free ship fedex or ups and it will get there no problem

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    Wrap it up. Nobody's checking.

    The best thing about the mailman is he's a drug dealer who's always on time!

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