How to find focus and motivation?

If you have a big project ahead of you, or perhaps need to finish something that you have been working on for a long time and have burned out a little ... then how do you find your focus and motivation again? What gets you to sit down and do it?


Everyone's answer is so helpful... thank you so much! Yes. You have all helped... I just need to print out this page and post it on the wall!

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    when i was a tri-athlete i used to imagine my legs powered a huge energy supply to a ventilator in china and if i stopped a small chineses boy would (GASP!) run out of oxygen. the trick worked unbelievably well, however if you want to have rational coherent thoughts at the same time maby not so good.

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    Honestly, deadlines. If Ive been working on it and am burning out, i get moving, litterally, outside - nature, walking, hiking, dancing. And I go to WATER - the ocean or even the little stream by my house and listen to the sound of water flowing and breathee into it, whatever "stuckness" or restlessness or whatever is inside me. And I consciously choose to remember what I most care about, and why Im doing whatever it is in the first place, and then give thanks for the opportunity.

    I also get enough sleep and drink coffee and take breaks of listening to music that I love and that inspires me.

    I suppose I sit down and finally do it because I believe it will somehow serve the world or at least serve my own growth and I siply choose to put my heart into it.

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    first of all, in case you have faith you have ADHD, indexed right here are some user-friendly clues to tell you in case you are able to desire to work out a doctor approximately it or no longer: a million) Do stimulants (i.e. coffee) make you extra centred? 2) are you able to drink a cup of coffee and pass to sleep at latest afterwards? 3) Does ingesting alcohol make you extra centred? 4) Does it sense such as you're in a room with the lights out, the place you will discover outlines yet no longer distinctive shapes? 5) Do you come across that issues that relatively activity you inspire you and issues you are able to desire to truly do yet are not as exciting are very puzzling to end? 6) Do you have a gaggle of initiatives which you commence yet never get around to ending? in case you're saying confident to extra beneficial than 2 of those, reliable possibility you have ADHD. belongings you will could desire to properly known once you pass see a doctor: How long have the indications been latest? the place do the indications impression you in life? For the naysayers that stick to the argument that ADHD is a make have faith ailment it relatively is designed to justify undesirable parenting, that's a scientifically and medically furnish neuro-chemical ailment that has been shown to be straight away correct to the frontal lobe of the suggestions. it is likewise shown to be no longer basically a childhood ailment, yet does transition into adulthood.

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    Hello Clear thinker.

    Personally, focusing on the end result is effective.

    For example, if this education is finished, better opportunities will be available.

    Also, doing things in short periods can be easier than tackling the whole project in one sitting. If one keeps at it, the project will be finished sooner than realized.

    Good luck in your endeavor.

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    certainly fear is not the answer but fear is the driving factor,the fear of loss causes one to act opposite of the thinkable obviuos happenings,which drives the focus and for motivation think big keep your ambitions sky high,the zeal to achieve something or satisfy yourself in someway motivates you to perform better.

    if nothing works, become a preist.

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