Which is better? mp3 player or Ipod?

Which one is the better? I've heard that the ipod is more limited to the music you can get, but that it has better quality. But the mp3 has more options. So which one would be the best?

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    My daughter has a 30Gig Ipod and she likes it, but, you have to register each computer to be able to connect to it and to update the files on it.. this can be a real pain.. especially since I had my computer authorized and then I rebuilt the Hard Disk and will need to use up another of the 5 possible authorizations to use my computer to update her Ipod again...

    I have an mp3 player.. a cheap one.. it holds more songs than I will probably ever put on it and I don't have any problems downloading CD's to it even after I rebuild my Hard Disk (which I do quite often)...

    I prefer the mp3 player, but she likes the Ipod.. you should try both for yourself to evaluate them on how well they match your lifestyle.. will you be using movies? (my mp3 player will only do audio files).. but then.. I only paid about $49 for my mp3 player.

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    Actually, as other ppl have said: the iPod is an mp3 player.

    But if you're trying to choose between the two: I say go for the iPod if you have the money to spend for it. They're usually a lot easier to use than other mp3 players (the device itself). You'll probably be able to transfer most of the songs you download to the iPod so you don't have to worry about that as much.

    "mp3" is a generic term to cover a wide range of mp3 players.

    Some things to take into consideration: the iPod charges when you connect it to the computer (while most other mp3 player use batteries); the iPod has no radio; the high cost of the iPod itself.

    My sister has a iRiver mp3 player and would consider getting an iPod if it didn't lack the radio. I have a video iPod & love it. =)

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    any moron can say an ipod is an mp3 player, but i will tell you that they are totally different. they dont even ply mp3's. itunes reformats all of your music into mp4's and plays those on the ipod. ipods typically look cooler, and more poeple like them because they spend more money on advertising and making people think they look cool than on the actual products themselves. i personally prefer ipods, so i am not badmouthing them, but statistically mp3 players are truly better. they can do more because there are fewer restrictions. not nearly as many play videos, but if you can find one that does, they are generally pretty good. they are a LOT easier to use as well. ipods are confusing when you dont organize the music the way you are supposed to. mp3 players uaually organize themselves and dont make you rename or add anything to the files. if you like something easy that is a decent music player, go for the mp3 player. if you want something with massive memory, bad battery life, and that looks nice, get an ipod.

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    An Ipod is a brand of MP3 player.

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  • 1 decade ago

    An ipod is an mp3 player. You have to be much more specific.

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    I prefer ipods to any other mp3 player. They are easy to use, itunes is a breeze, and if anything happens to them apple will replace them

    (as long as it's within a year of buying them). I've had mine for two and a half years, and I haven't had any problems with it.

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    ipod is an mp3 player

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    iPod is for sheep when you consider that everybody and his/her grampa has one. demands iTunes to characteristic to the participant and a few data(frequently video data) require record reformatting with the intention to paintings in iPod. MP3 gamers, incredibly ones with the drag and drop record helpful factors are lots extra convenient and lots extra much less costly.

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    i pod, there are so many different things you can do on them. there are movies, tv shows and games. And of course music. But mp3's are usually cheaper

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    1 decade ago

    mp3 because you dont have to pay for music you can use the songs you have in your collection

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