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my cats pees a lot....?

and drinks water right after, she has no other symptoms. she is a very healthy 6 month old kitten. what could be wrong with her? or is this normal?

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    HI there...kittens are very active so some take in more water and have to urinate more frequently. However, if she doesn't accidentally urinate outside of the box on the carpeting, beds, etc. she probably is very healthy and fine. If she does have multiple accidents outside of the litter box she could have a urinary tract infection which should be evalauted as soon as possible so that it doesn't become a habit difficult to break later.

    Source(s): Animal Trainer to domestic and exotic cats Friend who is a veterinarian
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    it depends on what you mean by alot. cats pee like 5xs a day if not a little more. you have to be real careful about cats getting urinary tract infections because they cant tell us if theyre feeling different they might have one and we wouldnt know, but if they start peeing on things in the house then i would take it to a vet to have it looked at. other than that it may be that the cat is still playing in the cat box and figures while its there why not pee too. But if you feed it a quality cat food it should help to prevent any type of urinary tract problems, cats are prone to them so please feed him/her a quality food. dont feed a soft food as a primary food, always mix with a hard food- its better for them.

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    mabet it has too much water

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    ummmm.. this is normal. just be patient and clean it up

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