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Need to find a make-up for vitiligo that is not heavy or thick but with good cover?

I want a make-up for covering up vitiligo that looks natural , not like I have on thick heavy make-up. It needs to look like the right color and have the right tone.

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    Derma Blend is good but is is like pancake makeup... Bare Essentuals covers great, is all natural minerals and will hide vitiligo nicely!

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    Cream to Powder by mary Kay. Don't tell my husband I said this, but when I first started my MK business, I used him as a guinea pig. He has severe vitiligo and I was really suprised how well it covered for him... Even with five o'clock shadow!

    Pick a shade that is right between your darkest and lightest areas... Its better to lean more toward your paler color and then use a good blush, with very little pink, to add some color.

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    Las manchas blancas en la piel o vitíligo son una afección que afecta a un pequeño porcentaje de la población, entre un 0,5 y un 3%, pero que se hacen notar debido a lo mucho que afea la piel.

    El vitíligo se produce porque la piel deja de producir melanina debido a la muerte de unas células llamadas melanocitos en ciertas zonas, que son las que aparecen en blanco.

    No obstante, existe una forma de curar las manchas de la piel. Te dejo aquí un link para que tú puedas descubrirla y valerte de ella. Mucho ánimo y no te dejes derrotar.


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    i fully agree with bare essentials brand, my aunt has vitiligo and she uses it. Plus, it goes on very light and won't clog your pores.

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    Try the cream powder by Mary Kay

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    Try dermablend by loreal.

    Source(s): www.dermablend.com
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