what is the easiest way 2 potty train 2yr old boys?

I have a 2yr old son & I was wondering if anyone knows any little tricks to help with poty training? We have been working on it but he is kind of stubborn. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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    First thing to remember, don't force it, believe it or not they can control it, if you force it and he's not wanting to then it's not going to happen. He's just 2 he may not be ready yet, when he's truly ready then it'll happen so fast, if he's not then you're in for a battle.

    Sadly there is no magic trick for potty training kids, it's all trial and error, what works for one child won't work for the next one. Try a "sweet" treat...get some mini M&M's..he get's one for every time he tries, whether he actually does something or not..then then he tries and actually goes then he gets two, if he likes stickers then get little stars or those little circle smile ones and a chart, make it if he gets so many then he gets to go shopping at the dollar store. If you make it fun and make a big deal out of it when he tries and goes both then he's gonna want to keep trying.

    One thing to keep in mind, don't loose your cool! If you get stressed and freak out on him for wanting to try every five seconds then he's not going to try, he's learning to understnad the "feeling" of needing to go and until he get's that down, you're gonna make a lot of trips to the bathroom, I suggest packing a "fun" basket for the bathroom with books and little timgs to entertain him while he's trying.

    Sorry this is so long! Good Luck.

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    My son adjusted relatively easy. Make sure you make it fun...the people above have given some great advice. The key is to make it enjoyable for him and something that he looks forward to doing. Make sure you get a step ladder for him to reach. Every time he actually lets you know before hand so he can go in the potty or even goes on his own...Celebrate. Tell him how great he's doing and how proud you are of him. He'll get it soon enough. Oh and pull ups are essential! Good Luck.

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    Next time you're praising him for being a "big boy", throw in a mention of the potty as well. Then at potty time, remind him that he's doing this because he's a "big boy". And don't get discouraged. Boys do take a long time.

    The can is a funny idea. Why not?:)

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    I haven't had a hard time potty training my daughter but maybe this incentive can help. Try buying him a step ladder to reach the toilet bowl so he can sit on a real one. Tell him that he will be given a special prize everytime he use his step ladder to go the bathroom with your assitance of course.

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    if the father is around make him go the bathroom with daddy and sit on his toilet or stand evrytime to get him to know. my son is 2 and hes been potty trained since he was 1 1\2

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    1 decade ago

    is he ready?

    most boys dont potty train till around the age of 3, all 4 of my boys where not ready till then.

    if he isnt ready then nothing you can do will help, boys are slower then girls when it comes to potty trainning.

    as for incoragement their are two things you can do.

    rewards, kids love sweets.

    the "big boy now" treatment, all kids want to grow up fast, if you can get him thininking that the potty is the "big boy" toilet then that usualy does the trick.

    but dont be suprized if he is not ready

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    Give him an old metal coffee can to pee in. This is how my mom taught by brother (granted, this was 20 years ago) and he learned right away because he loved the sound his pee made when it hit the metal and made all that racket!

  • chuy
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    break him loose in the back yard it works

  • Aubrey
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    1 decade ago

    let him pee outside...boys love that. my husband still does it more than i would like him to.

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