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with animals close to extinction can we also include that real men are a dying breed?


men who can treat a lady like she is the center of his universe.

men with some old fashion values with a modern twist

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    lol! man that is great. Yea it does seem hard for me to find a real man sometimes, but I have confidence that there is one out there for me and for anyone else looking too!

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    Maybe so . . . we should hook up to replenish the Earth!


    I don't think that real men are a dying breed. Real women, however . . . that's another story. Good night!

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    ha ha ...ur so jaded

    go ahead and put "real men" on that list of yours

    then finish your journey to being a full blown man hating lezbo


    i could almost pity you for your near sighted limitations, but your question reveals what kind of "woman" you are...and it's quite disgusting

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    genuine chivalry's not dead but it's like genuine femininity. It's there still but you have to look harder and harder for it. Neither chivalry nor femininity will die out though, because it's human nature to successfully strive for an ideal just as much as it's human nature to get jaded and corrupt.

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    i don't believe in sexual stereotyping and nor should you! A real man means something different to different people... as does a real woman. If you mean does YOUR real man exist?.....dunno, but good luck with that.

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    Only problem with that you will find people disagreeing as to what constitutes a "real" man.

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    What do you mean by real men? I'm a real man.

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    For all the single ones out there looking for romance:

  • Anonymous
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    I am a man. I am not gay and I agree with you. I can't even find a good fight anymore.

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