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What are the best DS lite games ? Other then Mario Kart !! What are the top 10 DS Games?

I got a DS Lite and bought Mario Kart. I want to get a couple more games and was wondering what are some of the best in your opinion. I have Bubble Bobble and Mario Kart. Both are great. I was thinking Yoshi's Island 2 and Super Mario Brothers, and or Mario & Luigi Partners in Time. Any suggestions on the top 5/10 games would be great.

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    well, if your a Pokemon fan get Ranger and maybe Trozie, and yes get both Yoshi's Island 2 and Super Mario Brothers. Never tried M&L Partners in time but i've heard thats a good game. Also the Castlevania games for the DS are good games. Also Nintendogs are pretty good to.

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    This is what they think. I would suggest Big Brain Academy and Brain Age if you like learning. Also Sudoko Manina Is supposed to be good. Good luck and Happy Holidays!

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