Will someone help me with some U.s History questions?

Who was the 1st European to land in the new World?

The first permanent European settlement in the new World?

Main product of French economy in the New World?

Name the religious groups that sought religious freedom?

1st permanent English settlement in the New World?

What was the mayflower Compact?

If you know the answer to all or some of thse questions please help.

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    The first known European was Leif Eiriksson, a viking explorer that landed in the New World 500 years before Christopher Columbus. However, they didn't stay because they attacked and outnumbered by the Native Americans.

    The first settlement was La Isabela, founded by Columbus on 1543. The first one in North America was Roanoke Island.

    The French colonies' economy was based on trade of furs with the Native Americans.

    The Puritans came to America to stop being discriminated by the English Church.

    The first permanent colony was Jamestown.

    The Mayflower Compact was the second governing document of Plymouth Colony. It was drafted by the Pilgrims who crossed the Atlantic.

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    First European -- probably Leif Ericsson

    First permanent European settlement -- Spanish, St. Augustine (1645), English - Jamestown, 1607

    Main product of French economy -- I would guess furs.

    Religious groups -- probably they are referring to the Puritans, but also the Catholics went to Maryland because it promised not to discriminate against them, and Roger Williams founded Rhode Island after leaving Massachusetts in a religious dispute.The Mayflower Compact was the document signed by the settlers from the Mayflower agreeing among themselves that they would be governed by the majority.

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    Big debate about First question -

    I'm going with an unknown Viking. Many people say Lief Erickson - but was he the first one off the ship? or was he the leader of the voage?

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