How do you gather user input with an Open Office Basic or Oo Perl macro? (Preferably without an input box.)?

Basically I need to write a macro that allows the user to select a number of diacritical marks (ἀἁἂἃἄἅἆἇᾀᾁᾂᾃᾄᾅᾆᾇᾰᾱᾲᾳᾴᾶᾷ), select a letter to apply them to, and then the macro will pull the proper letter from the unicode font (Gentium in my case).

Ideally, the typing process would go something like this:

<Ctrl><Shift><Alt>d activate the macro.

Press ' selects for the ἀ to be added to the final letter.

Press , selects for the ᾳ to be added to the final letter.

Press a inserts the ᾀ into the document at the current cursor position, and break.

The process behind the macro should go something like:

1) Take user input.

2) Determine if user input is a diacritical mark, or if it's a letter.

3) If it's a diacritical mark put that mark on the list to be added to the letter; go to 1.

4) If it's a letter, check to see if the diacritical marks currently selected apply to that letter. If not, then break. If so, output the letter with the applied marks.

Any ideas?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Try AutoHotKey at! I use it all the time.

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