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What would be a good different name for a music piece named "In Despair"?

Okay so the story is about two lovers and the girl goes to U.S to get a job while her lover stays in Russia and so the he can't live without her and so he goes to visit her in the U.S but at the same moment the girl goes back to Russia to visit him so my teacher doesn't like the name "In Despair" so what would be a good name to call it??


well i asked someone else and they thought faraway love how's that????

Update 2:

thanx everyone

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    Oh,This is a long Story...Maybe you can call it ''Lost'' or ''Distance Desire''.

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    How about "Star Crossed Lovers"?

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    crap.... thats hard.

    desperation falls.

    out of reach -

    nowhere without you.

    oceans between us / oceans apart

    I Have no idea.... ... good luck though!!

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