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does whey protein have any negative side affects?

it might make you ripped and jacked but is all that salt that good for you and it has a lot of calories and i thought calories is what you want less of.

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    It won't "make" you ripped and jacked. You have to work out, rip your existing muscle tissue, and then protein makes the repair. The repaired muscle is larger. No work, no gain.

    Look for plain whey protein not the commercialized junk with fake addictives and false promises.

    All you need is plain protein and you might not even need that. Most Americans already eat way more protein than they need. If you more than you need, it's just extra calories and will actually create more fat.

    Do some research, figure what you need, pick core products. Kimkins Diet members like Designer Whey Protein.

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    You might be better just buying pure (plain) whey concentrate or isolate - you won't have to worry about the salt, and isolate has (even) less fat. It won't make you ripped, but is a good source of protein - and can therefore be useful if you're using weight training to try to get ripped. You could get similar effects by eating high protein food, but whey may be more convenient.

    I've only seen one negative effect of eating lots of protein proven - bluntly, can make you fart/go to the toilet more. It has been thought that eating *lots* of protein could damage the kidneys, but from what I've seen research has tended to falsify this hypothesis.

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    but u cant just eat whey protein by itself u have to have some carbohydrates with the protein if you work out

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