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A Tub Promblem!!!?? A Plumber Question!!!!!!?

Ok, well My tub is 6yrs old I think something like that and the spout is dripping *DRIP* *DROP* and so fourth and I want to get it fixed put haave no money for a plumber sadly........ ANY ADVICE BESIDES CALL A PLUMBER WOULD BE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks in advance!

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    What brand is the faucet? Most faucets 6yrs old have a cartridge type faucet that is easily replaced with a screwdriver. Mine is a Price-Pfister. I found out the toll free number, called them, and they sent me a free replacement cartridge, including installation instructions.

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    you need a new cartridge for the faucet. Look on the faucet for the name of the maker, go to a plumbing supply store and ask them for a cartridge for it. Follow the directions that come with it.....get someone to turn the water off before you take it apart. Simple job !!

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    shut the water off at the main, remove the hot & cold spickets and replace the rubber gromut at the back of the faucet you removed.

    replace and reverse this method

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    inside the spicket is a seal and it needs replaced. it is not exspensive to fix at all.

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