whats the soonest i can enduce labor?

i am 40 weeks pregnant today dec. 17th with my first child....my doctor had scheduled me to enduce labor on the 26th if i dont have her naturally on my own by then....i really want to have the baby here for christmas can i tell my doctors and choose my own date to enduce or do i have to take doctors orders?

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    If I were you than I would wait until the 26th unless their is a major health problem as being induced usually makes labor much longer. I wanted to be induced too and than I just waited and went into labor on my due date. Lots of woman deliver after their due date (especially with first baby.) I would wait to be induced by day #9 of being overdue so this is a great date to have been set (Dec. 26th.) Your baby should be okay just as long as you do not go over the 26th. You could very easily go into labor on your own before this date. So try to relax. Good luck!

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    You can try and convince your doctor to move it up but most doctors won't. Most doctors won't induce first time moms until they are between 1-2 weeks overdue since anything up to 42 weeks is considered normal. Also your doctor wants to be sure you are favorable for an induction (cervix soft and dilated some), otherwise you are much much more likely to have complications and a c-section.

    Even if they agree to induce sooner you don't really get to pick your date because it goes based on hospital scheduling.

    I understand your frustration with Christmas I'm due on the 20th and I hope he's here before then but I know he'll come when he's ready and that's best for him and me. If it were any other month it wouldn't even cross your mind to induce just for the sake of a date. good luck

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    Induction carries risks, and since the due date is a mere estimate, it wouldn't be completely wise to try and induce your labor sooner. Doctors are finding that they're inducing women way too soon and the babies have to struggle to breathe and end up in NICUs too often as a result. Inductions are also more severe on the mother's body than a natural labor, and can cause more stress on the baby also, raising the chances of a C-section birth. My recommendation: let nature take it's course!

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    You should be able to be induce any time as long as you're full term. It may however, depend upon your doctor's schedule and the anticipation of a busy maternity ward. You can tell your doctor that you are uncomfortable and ready to have your baby but, your cervix needs to be prepared for induction as well. If your body isn't showing signs of labor beginning, such as your cervix at least softening, than being induced may not do anything. Remember your on your babies schedule and it unfortunately doesn't always match yours! Good luck and hang in there.

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    regrettably they likely received't bring about labour because you're uncomfortable. many times the in effortless words motives they have a tendency to bring about are because there's a difficulty with the toddler (it is going to develop into less than pressure or the midsection cost fluctuates or that is transferring a lot less), or in case you strengthen what's time-honored as pre eclampsia, and it it a danger on your well being no longer to grant the toddler. also in case you water breaks they're going to iduce labour, in many cases interior 24 hours to dodge feasible an infection. on the plus part, they don't have a tendency to enable you flow a lot more beneficial than per week previous your due date with out an induction. Sorry if the solutions weren't what you've been searching for, yet better of success inclusive of your labour and your toddler. Mine will be 3 months on the fifth *smiles*

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    More then likely take doctors orders.Unless for a medical reason they will often not induce just because you want to.

    You can try walking alot,drinking pop and coffee with caffeine,massaging ankles and breasts to hope fully kick start labor and maybe she will be here by Christmas.

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    If your baby isn't here yet then it's probably too soon for him/her anyway.

    When your babies lungs are fully developed the let off a horomone that starts labor.

    However it's completely up to you and that is something you'll have to talk to your Dr. about.

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