does anyone know any ways galileo galilei contributed to the scientific revolution?

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    First off, Galileo came after Copernicus. Many of his ideas were merely subsets of those Copernicus had previously suggested, and Galileo was one of the many scientists who proved Copernicus' theories.

    Galileo is most well-known for proving the heliocentric theory of the universe, the one that states that Earth is not the center of the universe, but rather that the sun is the center of our solar system. As was already mentioned, he did invent the first decent telescope, among other things.

    His fights against the Catholic Church also contributed to the revolution -- though he may have lost the battle, he won the war. The Church condemned him to house-arrest until his death, but his theories never died and his courage was empowering.

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    Telescope, thermometer, planetary motion, star charts, etc.

    The other thing is that he was tortured and forced to recant on many of these issues, but his ideas helped lay the groundwork for others, such as Copernicus, so when the cultural mood was more open, he was able to exapnd and develop from Galileo's precepts.

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    experimental verification of gravitational invariance w.r.t weight

    scientific methodology

    measurement of speed of light

    phases of Venus

    moons of Jupiter

    identification of lunar mountains

    frequency of sound

    invariance of pendulum period w.r.t to amplitude

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    when he discovered the gravity while he watched the apple falling down then he figured out about gravity

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    He founded mondern science.


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