Why do Turks hate Greeks?

Now I go to Greek school. In the school we learn about the Genocide and all of the things the Trurks do and did to us. What makes the Turks hate us so much. I mean is it somthing we did or said?

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    It's because of their religion. They are Muslims and Greeks are Christians. They killed Greeks, Armenians, who are also Christians, and everyone else who didn't agree with their reiligion in the Genocide.

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    I personally dont hate Greeks but the common reason for the hatret Turks have is that ,although even most knowledgable Greek ignore the fact, Greeks massacared thousands of Turks during their war of independence and when Ottomans lost the first world war they invaded the mainland ( todays Turkey) and also killed thousands of Turks. In Cyprus Greeks tried to join the far island to mainland Greece and oppressed the Turks living on the island.These are facts, I dont mean that Turks had always been good to Greeks but just to let you know the reason why Turks dont fancy Greeks that much.

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    Because of the island Cyprus

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    you steal our yogurt ,that's why

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