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Scorpios (men)?

Tell me more about the Grey Lizard of scorpios...

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    A few Pluto people fall somewhere between the eagle and the stinging scorpion, victims of their own black magic. These are the gray lizards. With them, supreme self sacrifice becomes neurotic concern about the self, and psychic abilities become fearful apprehensions of the lurking evils which may strike at any moment. Forceful courage twists itself around, and instead of seeking the ruthless revenge of the stinger scorpions-or rising above such bitterness like the eagles-they bitterly withdraw in tangled hatreds at each minor injury, hoping fate will punish their enemies, almost unconsciously willing destruction without direct action.

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    Grey Lizard? My bf is scorpio. he's fun loving. but I don't know about that lizard

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    Scorpio's are arduously passionate. They lack the purity of Arien fire or the soft love of the Pisces though. Of any of the signs they are the darkest and cruelest. They have serious jealousy problems and take everything personally. Awful! Run!

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    I don't know what you're talking about.

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